Roof Garden & Balcony Design

For many people having a garden or green space at home can be very important: gardens can provide a sanctuary after a long day at work, somewhere to indulge their green thumbs or just to teach children about plants and the cycle of life.

In many corporate and urban environments roof gardens have been established to provide a meeting and recreational space for employees, as well as a means for attracting wildlife to the area. As well as being an attractive element of a building, adding enormous street appeal, it has also been found that the quality of air surrounding buildings with roof gardens is improved, especially in urban areas, and the overall heat in the region is reduced.

Recently there has been a noticeable movement towards growing vegetables, fruits and herbs in such environments. While some vegetables need quite a lot of room, and require either an allotment or back garden to really develop, many vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, climbing beans, apples and mandarins, can be grown on areas as small as balconies. On roof gardens the practice of cultivating food is sometimes called “rooftop farming”.

A good roof garden or balcony design will, first and foremost, make the best use of the space available. When considering installing a roof garden or establishing a balcony garden it is imperative to get the advice from experts who understand the possibilities but also the limitations of these types of gardens. A roof garden, for example, will involve a number of considerations such as the load bearing capacity of the roof and the suitability of the site. All aspects of water run-off and retention will also need to be considered when planning and installing a roof garden.

Understanding the suitability of the plants for the area is the key to a successful roof or balcony garden. It is common, for example, to see plants in containers on balconies that have died due to unsuitable conditions. Because they are generally exposed to all the extremes of weather including wind and sun roof gardens have to be carefully planned to ensure that the design will work under the harshest conditions.

Balcony gardens, on the other hand, can be subject to a large range of different environmental problems including a lack of sunshine and excessive wind or coastal conditions.

At Roof Control we specialise in all types of roof and balcony garden designs. Because we are flat roof specialists we are uniquely placed to be able to provide the best possible advice and service to customers who are considering transforming their roof or balcony.

We will work with you through every step of the process, from initial consultation, planning and design through to construction and delivery of the project, ensuring that we meet and exceed your requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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