Leak Detection & Repair

Identifying the location of a leak on your roof is a tricky job, even for a professional. Flat roofs are even more difficult, because of the way they are structured.

You will need a keen eye from an experienced professional in order to identify any potential leakage.

You will be surprised how much damage a small leak can cause

Most flat roofs are built with a slight incline so that water will run off. Over time, the roof can develop little vales and dips where water will sit. This can sometimes get through the roofing material and ultimately into your home.

As homeowners we know how to use dehumidifiers to dry out damp basements and make sure there is venting in bathrooms and attics, but generally we don’t notice a leaky roof until there is significant damage that we can’t overlook.

Water that gets in through the roof has nowhere good to go. It can soak insulation, cause water stains on the ceilings, get under the floors, ruin flooring, destroy drywall and result in a black mould infestation.

Flat roofs especially vulnerable

Flat roofs are especially vulnerable to the elements. Extreme warm or cold weather, harsh winds and rain and tree debris can cause the sealant on the roof to fail or dislodge the flashing.

If you have a flat roof on your home, call us to assess your roof periodically and after a major storm to ensure that your roof is still viable – especially if your was laid more than 5 years ago.

The worst thing you can do is ignore it

The consequences are too high not to take care of your roof and if you ignore a leak or progressive damage, you can put the entire investment in your home at risk. By getting your roof inspected for roof damage, you are eliminating that risk and saving time and money in the long run.

The advantage of professional roof inspections

An inspection should include a thorough assessment of the roofs overall condition, along with the identification of any loose tiles, flashing that is pulling away from the roof, or the chimney or the wall and roof joint.

A roofing expert will look for all the usual tell tail signs such as discolouration, algae, standing water, pulled out nails, exposed areas and cracks. The attic should also be checked for any damp patches or staining.

The best course of action

If your roof is damaged, hopefully a leak detection & repair will be all that is needed to sort out any issues of damp and leakage. A thorough assessment of your roof should give you the best course of action to take.

At Roof Control, we will always be honest about your roof and give you the right information that will help you and your home stay protected from the rain  in the short medium and long term.

Call us today to book a roof inspection.

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