Kemper Liquid Membrane Roofing

If you are looking for an easy to install durable product that stands up to weather, corrosion, and is excellent for use on flat roofs the Kemper Liquid Membrane Roofing System could be the roof for you. Kemper system provides a technologically advanced roofing material that offers a seamless and attractive roof that will work for either a commercial building or your residence.

The liquid membrane in Kemperol V210 offered by Roof Control is made from a combination of polyester that is adaptable and seamless. Kemper liquid membrane roofs are available in polyester, polyurethane and resin roofing materials. Kemper Liquid Membrane can be used on all types of buildings including from roofs of all kinds to plazas, fountains and historical buildings.

The Kemperol V210 roofing system

The Kemperol V210 Liquid Membrane roofing system is one of the most popular roofing systems manufactured by Kemper. The liquid membrane is a composite polyester material which creates a seamless, resilient, slash resistant surface that is waterproof and has strong weatherproofing qualities. It is an excellent roofing system for flat roofs. This product has stood the test of time as it has been in use for over thirty years and it has been certified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA). .


The seamless membrane system creates a durable waterproof surface. The product can be applied on either vertical or horizontal surfaces and there are no joints to seal. This type of membrane is also resistant to UV rays from the sun and holds up extremely well to heat, in addition to water and ice. Where other materials used in other roofing systems will degrade when exposed to chemicals or corrosive elements or petroleum products, a Kemper Liquid Membrane Roofing system is resistant to most chemicals. Vegetation and soil or growing roots which can damage conventional roofing systems do not affect a Kemper Liquid Membrane roof. Kemper Liquid Membrane also possesses extraordinary strength in its bonding ability. Another reason for using the liquid membrane product is that if you decide to change the roof design, add an extension or retrofit the roof, this product is perfect for being able to bond to a new installation.


Kemper System roofing is available in several materials including resin, and polyester. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours in the roofing system itself or as a topcoat. You can pick the colour and finish that works for your project knowing that you are also getting a technologically advanced product with top performance.


Kemper Liquid Membrane roofing systems are created on site and can be modified for use on location. Installation is odour free and can be installed in a single day. In fact, the product is weatherproof within thirty minutes of installation. The product is also environmentally sound possessing low VOCs, and it is solvent free which makes the product safe for both interior and exterior use. Kemper System products also utilise renewable products and are dedicated to the concept of sustainability.


Kemper Liquid Membrane Roofing systems are offered with a long term guarantee.

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