Glass Roof Conservatory

There is nothing like having an all glass roof system for a sunroom extension, conservatory, or other living space, to add light and ambiance to your home. Glass roofs can be added to your existing structure in a seamless and safe design adding value and beauty to your home while increasing the quality of your life. Rooms with a glass roof will suddenly seem bigger and brighter and it is a way to bring the outdoors into your living space.

Roof Control’s glass roofs

Roof Control uses quality energy efficient and high performance glass products for its glass roofs and conservatories roofs. All structural elements of the glass roof are guaranteed for over the required snow and wind loads. Roof Control can install new glass roofs in a total renovation or replace an existing glass roof that has failed. Roof Control glass roofs are guaranteed to be weather tight and maintenance free.

What to consider in purchasing a glass or conservatory roof

In choosing a glass roof or conservatory roof you want to consider a variety of features and options. You want to make sure that there are a variety of options that will work with your existing structure – such as being able to work with box gutters or a low pitched roof or other design problems. Some glass roof systems for conservatories come with decorative finials or tie bars so that you can personalize your conservatory. If you need a glass roof for an extra large space such as for a pool enclosure or large conservatory you will want to use a roof system that is specially made for large areas.

Thermal insulation

Always ask about thermal insulation treatments for a glass roof or conservatory roof, as these can help can keep a room warm and cut down on condensation buildup. Some conservatory roof systems use PVCu window frame materials which may work fine for awhile but can lead to problems with leaks down the road. A glass roof system that utilizes aluminum that is thermally clad can prevent leaks and are created just for conservatory and glass roof systems. It is also good idea to ask when considering a glass or conservatory roofing system, whether the roof comes with complementary guttering. And always ask about a guarantee on the roof system.

Year round living space

The most important consideration when installing a glass roof or conservatory roof is to make sure that the roof system will not let in too much heat in the summer or be too cold in the winter to be able to utilise the space. If you are going to make an investment in a glass roof for a conservatory or sunroom you want to be able to take advantage of it all year round. Investigate and get reviews on different glass roofing systems to make sure that the one you choose allows for comfortable year round use.

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