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Easily decrease your heating costs by adding a layer of insulation to your roof.

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Roof being re-decked with timber and insulated with 120ml thick boards.

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Re-decking a timber roof or upgrading the insulation on a roof is a good way to decrease your heating costs in your home. When added to the purchase of a waterproof system, re-decking will add years to your roofing system.

UV Insulation Ratings

In the UK it is essential to have good quality roof insulation. The rising cost of fuel and the new building regulations for UV insulation ratings for homes, makes it a good time to re-insulate your roof.

If a new waterproofing system is in your future due to water leakage and roof damage, it is advisable to re-deck any damage to the timber decking on the roof to ensure it can hold the weight of the new roof.

The importance of timber decking

Timber decking is main material in most timber construction homes. It is a great way to complete a flat roof and it is available in a variety of both hard woods and soft treated woods.

If you are building a new home or totally renovating the roof of your home, adding timber decking to a flat roof can feel like you are adding additional space to your house.

Cold flat roofs

Traditionally, flat roofs were constructed with a timber deck and then the waterproofing insulation was added on top of the decking.

This type of roof is referred to as a cold flat roof. In a cold flat roof the insulation material is just stuck in between the rafters or joists with some space left for air flow.

If it is not done correctly condensation will form and lead to the destruction of the decking and timbers, and if not fixed it will cause problems with ceiling and walls in a home. Unfortunately, the area left for air flow in a cold flat roof also allows heat to escape.

Warm flat roofs

A warm deck flat roof, on the other hand, protects from the development of moisture by the use of a vapour control layer above the timber decking, and the insulation material is also above the decking. The new improved insulation materials also add to the efficiency of the heating and cooling system of the house.

With the insulation on the outside of the home or building structure condensation or moisture does not build up around the timber structure and there is no need for ventilation.

The fact that the insulation is above the structure of the roof also means that the insulation material can be as thick as required since it is no longer necessary to make the insulation fit between the rafters of the building. The addition of a roofing material that allows for water runoff and you has a ‘warm flat roof’.

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