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Reduce your electricity bill and increase the value of your property with Solar Panel Installation.

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Solar Roof Panels can make great economic sense and be a good financial investment in your home

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If you have ever considered adding solar roof panels to your home, now is a good time to do it. Adding solar roofing panels can reduce your electricity bill significantly and it is great for the environment.

The roofing panels are now available in a variety of colours and shapes so they look more attractive. Some solar roof panels look just like roof tiles and can make an attractive alternative to traditional roofing materials.

There are even clear solar panels that you can use on conservatories or greenhouses. If you are looking at a new roof or doing some major roof repair in the future, it makes sense to consider adding solar roof panels because they can actually reduce your costs.

How does it work?

Solar roof panels are photovoltaic cells that take energy from the sun to generate electricity. They are referred to in the industry as photovoltaic roof panels (PV).

You do not have to have lots of direct sunlight in order to make the solar panels work, They only require daylight.

A PV cell contains silicon or some other semi conducting material that generates an electric field across the layers of silicon when light shines on it. The stronger the light, the more electricity is produced.

To be able to use solar panels, your home or building needs the roof or wall to have an unobstructed view within 90 degrees of south. If there is too much shadow, then the electricity output will be less.

We can help you determine if your home or building will be able to benefit from solar panel installation.

Pretty much maintenance free

Most solar panels are not much of a problem when it comes to maintenance. The system components should be checked out on a regular basis by a qualified technician, and the panels need to be fairly clean. Tree growth around the building should be kept in check to ensure that the tree branches are not keeping sunlight from the panels.

UK Climate

United Kingdom’s climate used to be a big issue in terms of the effectiveness of solar roofing panels. However, improvements in solar technology and manufacturing make the solar roofing panels more effective in climates where there is not a lot of sustained sunlight.

These technological improvements have also brought down the cost of solar technology and the expenses involved in solar panel installation. The new solar roofing panels are meant to withstand all kinds of weather including frost, heavy wind and snow.

Subsidies for solar panels

Unfortunately, there has been a recent cut in government subsidies for installing solar roofing panels on your home in the UK. Since the subsidy was cut, the number of installed solar roofing panels has dropped substantially.

However, the Solar Trade Association reports that it still makes great economic sense to install the solar roofing panels as it is a good financial investment in your home, and installation costs have dropped significantly.

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