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Introduce more light and create the feeling of more space in your property with a professionally fitted roof light.

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A roof light or roof lantern or skylight is a great way to introduce more light into a living space and make a room feel as if there is increase in space and depth.

Roof lanterns have been used in fine homes since the Georgian period of home design. Originally they would be added to orangeries or conservatories. Once restricted to only the wealthy and titled, you can now add roof lights or roof lanterns to most types of homes in an economical fashion.

Unlike historical installations which were prone to leak, new roof lanterns and roof lights utilise contemporary materials with technological advances in sealing materials and double glazing are water proof and draft free.

Whether your home is traditional in design, or contemporary, Roof Control can provide a roof light or lantern that will work for your home.

Add natural light to your home

If you have a room in your home that just doesn’t get enough daylight from the outside, or maybe has no outside windows at all, then consider adding a roof light or lantern to add additional lighting to make the room an attractive and liveable space.

You won’t believe the airiness and bright effects that are brought into a room with the addition of a roof light or lantern. The added feeling of height in a room is also another benefit. Add a roof light or lantern and see the transformation of a room from dark and dull to stunning.

Roof lights and roof lanterns can be installed in new construction or in existing buildings. Homes with flat roofs are ideal for the addition of a roof lantern. It is like adding a conservatory roof in miniature when you install a roof lantern or light.

EM-Dome and Em-Glaze roof lights

Some of the different roof lights that Roof Control offers include the EM-Dome which is one of our most popular roof lights. The Em-Dome is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and glazing materials to meet the design and size requirements for your home.

These roof lights are thermoformed using UV protected co-extruded polycarbonate sheet. These high quality roof lights come in single, double, triple or quad skin or with Eco multi-wall construction.

Em-Domes utilise 3mm thick glazing at a minimum and can be used on multiple type flat roofs including hot-melt, single ply, felt, asphalt, GRP, lead and liquid roofing systems. The Em-Dome is installed using scew bolts which makes the roof light resistant to tampering or break-ins. Each fixing screw is sleeved in the body of the screw bolt so that the problem of stress fracture occurring due to over-tightening is eliminated.


Also available from Roof Control are Em- Glaze modular units which are prefabricated roof lights for flat roofs. If these types of roof lights interest you, these roof lights come in a variety of different sizes or can even be custom made or colour coated.

These roof lights are meant to allow the most amounts light into a room or building while taking up minimal space. Each roof light comes with a fully welded aluminium frame and cill. The design of the roof lights allows for rainwater runoff and increased insulation.

Talk to you about your requirements for roof lights and roof lanterns to add beauty and natural daylight into your home or building.

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