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Cut your energy bills and extend the life of your roof with an environmentally friendly green roof installation.

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A completed Green Roof Installation in London.

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Green roofs or living roofs as they are sometimes known as, are a new trend in roofing but the idea comes from the familiar and traditional sod roofs.

Green roofs have many benefits, for the life of the roof, for the inhabitants of the building, for the environment including wildlife and for aesthetics.

Green roofs can cover an entire roof or balcony or they can be additional outdoor space, complete with walkways and fountains and areas for relaxing.

Two types of green roofs

The allover green or living roof which is covered in plantings is closest to the traditional sod roofs. The living roof is also known as an extensive roof system.

Extensive roofs tend to have less soil depth and are lightweight and require very little maintenance. They generally don’t have any outdoor space – they are simply a growing medium. Intensive green roofs are the second type, and these can look more like a traditional roof garden with areas for the residents to use the space.

Intensive green roofs can contain bushes, and trees and walkways and be whatever size you want. Intensive roofs are generally thicker and heavier and allow for growing different types of plants. The vegetation is planted in some type of growing medium which is planted over waterproofing material.

There can also be layers of drainage material or irrigation systems or root barriers in the mix. Roof Control, the Flat Roofing Company, uses a root barrier, an absorbent mat for protection, a layer of material for aeration and drainage, a sheet for filtering, special soil, and plants in their green roofs.

Environmental reasons

There are a lot of very good environmental reasons for creating a green roof or roof garden. Green roofs absorb rainwater, it provides a place for wildlife such as birds and bees, and it lowers the heat in urban areas.

It also diminishes the effect of what is called the ‘heat island effect’ which happens when an area is completely built up so that what was once a damp and porous area is now dry and impermeable.

This causes higher temperatures in cities, and green roofs help bring that temperature down. Green roofs can also cause evappotranspiration which also helps with cooling temperatures. The air quality around buildings with green roofs is also improved and there is a reduction in greenhouse gases. If you live or work in a building with a green roof you will probably notice another benefit of less noise, as the added insulation lessens the amount of outside noise getting through.

In addition, the planting help reduce carbon dioxide, filters pollution and heavy metals and helps individuals with health problems such as asthma.

Extend roof life & cut heating & cooling bills

It can be surprising to find out that having a green roof or even a partial green roof can extend the life of building’s roof structure. A green roof protects the roof from storm water runoff as it is absorbed by the plants. The extra insulation results in lower energy costs for both cooling and heating a building. The roof material is also protected from UV rays with a green roof.

Visual appeal

Green roofs are also aesthetically pleasing to look at, and green roofs that allow for real roof gardens and walkways make beautiful extra outdoor living spaces for sitting quietly and enjoying the plants and wildlife. It makes a great environment that can be used by employees in a corporate setting or by the family. For reasons of beauty and also economics, a roof garden makes a building increase in value. If a green roof sounds appealing talk to Roof Control today!