Emergency Flat Roof Repair

Severe weather like wind, ice and heavy snow can cause massive damage to a roof.

If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage it is imperative that you call a professional to come and assess the roof immediately.

If water gets into your attic or into the walls, your house will be breeding ground for mould, mildew or fungus which can grow rapidly. The result could be structural damage to your property.

The longer you wait to fix a roof problem the more damage you will have to repair. Calling for a specialist to come and fix the problem quickly can save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Knowing when you have a roof leak

If your roof has been damaged, you may not be aware of any resulting leak until there is visible damage inside your home.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and recommend that you have a specialist check over your roof once a year and carry out any maintenance work. That way when there is severe weather, your roof is in better condition and can get through it without a problem.

Should you assess your own roof damage?

Getting up on a ladder to inspect your roof for damage may seem like a good idea, however in our experience it is always better to let a qualified professional do this for you. They will  have with the proper equipment and know exactly what damage to look for.

It is very easy to fall from a ladder high enough to get to the roof, particularly in winter, and you may run into issues with power lines and tree branches.

Do not under any circumstance walk on your roof as walking across a roof can cause a multitude of problems including dislodging surface granules, reducing waterproofing or if the problem is severe, you could fall through a damaged section of a roof.

What gets checked in a roof inspection?

With a flat roof,  it is particularly important to identify any standing water or exposed areas, discoloured patches, or algae in the gravel surface. Gutters should also be checked for  a buildup of shingle granules.

If your roof is tile, it needs to be periodically checked for loose or cracked or missing roofing material. If your roof material is asphalt, or wood shingles it needs to be examined for overhanging nails.

Chimney flashing should also be looked at in addition to any vents, skylights, or wall and roof junctions, for any type of leak or degradation. Inside it is good to check the attic for damp patches after a big storm or when there has been heavy snow.

Take action fast and call us for a emergency flat roof repair

Making sure that roofing emergencies are taken care of quickly and correctly is the best way to take care of your home. We can take care of any emergency roofing needs, so call us today!