Flat Roof Extensions & Garages

In the UK, flat roofs are commonly used in residential areas on homes with extensions and garages.

A flat roof allows homeowners to add rooms to an existing building where a pitched roof would not work due to limited roof space. If you are thinking about or adding on to your building or home, it is worth considering a flat roof.

Understanding the basics of flat roofs

Most flat roofs are made up of two parts including a under layer and a top coat. Some flat roofs are referred to as built up flat roofs which means that the roof is constructed from layers of weatherproof membranes put down in a crisscross pattern. This membrane can consist of paper saturated with tar, and then covered with asphalt or rolled asphalt. Generally this type of roof is then covered with gravel.

Flat roofs are never totally flat – there is always a slight pitch to the roof to allow for water drain off. A single ply roof is another common type of flat roofing. They tend to be light and consist of membranes that are made of rubber, thermoplastics or PVC that are all possess weatherproofing qualities.

If rubber is used, then the roof is black with seaming, and if it is PVC or thermoplastic is usually white in colour with seams. Single ply roofs can also be sprayed on with spray foam insulation or SPF. SPF roofing is usually topped with a urethane or acrylic coating for waterproofing. Flat roofs require a sealant coating which is critical to keeping the roof leak free.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat roofs do need to be examined on a regular basis to assure the integrity of the roof. You mostly find flat roofs in areas where there is little snow as they tend to hold snow buildup.

If properly maintained, flat roofs are economical and aesthetically pleasing. Although they are safer for the individuals who maintain them, it is not recommended that they are walked on, as it can damage the roof.

If a flat roof needs to be repaired it is generally easier and less expensive than repairing a sloped roof. However, flat roofs do require re-coating and sealing more often.

Contact us today and see if a flat roof will work for your home extension or garage.

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